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6. May 2021

Key elements needed for Iceland’s transition to carbon neutrality

Key elements needed for Iceland’s transition to carbon neutrality
Climate Action caught up with Birta Kristín Helgadóttir, Project Manager at Green by Iceland, to discuss the key elements needed for Iceland's transition to carbon neutrality.

Green by Iceland is a platform for cooperation on climate issues and green solutions. The role of Green by Iceland is to fight climate change locally and globally and to promote the export of Icelandic green solutions, on our path towards creating a sustainable future. Green by Iceland is especially excited to promote Icelandic expertise in renewable energy which has made a great difference in Iceland where all electricity production and house heating is derived from hydropower and geothermal energy. 

What does the next stage of the transition look like for Iceland? How are Green by Iceland helping this pathway? 

Iceland has, like other Nordic nations, set the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, in our case, by 2040.

Building upon the experience of previous energy transitions in electricity production and house-heating, which are met with 100% renewable energy, we are ready to face our third energy transition, this time we will focus on the transportation sector which accounts forapproximately 1/3 of Iceland’s Effort Sharing emissions. Transforming the transportation sector would make Iceland energy-independent despite having no local fossil fuel reserves.

The Icelandic government has put forward a Climate Action Plan that details how Iceland will meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2040. Measures include banning cars that run on fossil fuels from 2030 onwards and putting up the necessary infrastructure so electrical cars can be a viable alternative for the general public and greatly increasing the role of public transport.

Iceland has set a carbon neutral target by 2040, an ambition goal. What does this roadmap look like and what are the main focus elements to help you achieve it?

The Icelandic government presented an updated version of the Climate Action Plan in June 2020, including new and elaborated actions and increased funding. The updated Plan also contained significantly improved analysis to estimate the individual and collective mitigation gains of the actions presented. All in all, there are 48 actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon uptake from the atmosphere. An emphasis has been placed on implementing measures immediately; 28 actions out of 48 have already been set into motion.

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Green by Iceland are excited to take part in projects worldwide that aim to increase the share of renewables. For more information, visit our website (greenbyiceland.com), follow Green by Iceland on Linkedin and sign-up for our newsletter.