Business Iceland
Business Iceland

Aim and Purpose  

The future of food and food security is an urgent question everywhere – from the Arctic to the Equator, and beyond. There is no question that international cooperation is important to seek opportunities in innovation and breakthrough technology in food production that can address this issue.  Such enhanced cooperation across multiple levels will also contribute towards and be in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The conference aims to connect businesses, officials and institutions across sectors to share knowledge and experience in the area of innovative food-tech: from sustainable food processing to limiting waste and increasing value, to alternative proteins and biotechnology. How can Iceland and Singapore turn challenges into opportunities? 

With its lack of arable land, Singaporehas turned to urban food solutions in agriculture, aquaculture and alternative proteins with the goal of locally producing 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030 (that is, the “30 by 30” goal). As a result, the city-state has positioned agri-tech as a key industry deserving of Government support.  

Iceland, with ample land and rich fishing resources and aquaculture -  a fish exporter for generations - has given birth to several innovative companies both in and around sustainability and enable food production to gain a competitive edge. This webinar explores how such vastly different countries can learn from each other and collaborate to accelerate innovation in the sector.